Why not to accept a counteroffer


This is a topic we get asked a lot about and here are the reasons why that under no circumstances, should you ever take one.

It limits your progression

You’ll never be able to progress if you’re always accepting a counteroffer and it will generally have a negative impact on your career, rather than helping it.

Once your employer knows that you’re willing to leave, then it’s not a good look for you, as you’ve accepted an offer to stay, but it’s only for the extra money. That really doesn’t show loyalty from either end and it’s basically just a false pretence as far as the relationship goes moving forward.

Your employer will start seeking a replacement

Now that you’ve let your boss know you want to leave, in most cases they’ll start looking for a replacement and you usually have around 6-8 months before you’re out of a job and they’ve found that replacement at a lesser cost.

Your reasons to leave were likely more than just salary

You were finding reasons to leave to begin with, so it’s likely a lot of those reasons will still exist and even though a counter offer might have given you more money, it’s only for the short term and more money will come with a long term change.

When you’re thinking about making a move, think about all of the reasons you wanted to move in the first place, whether that’s career development, education or more money.

So, we advise you not to take the counteroffer and better things will happen. For more help or information, speak to us here at Chris Edward Consultants.

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