Compensation guide

As companies adapt to the new trends, we’ve updated the structure of our compensation guide to reflect these recent changes. It’s no longer enough to be within the average salary range when offering compensation for potential hires.


It’s the benchmark that companies strive to be if they want to have an extensive candidate pool and hire rapidly to meet their growth goals. Conversely, overpaying for talent may yield a larger candidate pool, but at diminishing returns. Competition for talent is fierce, and if companies want to scale rapidly, they need to meet candidates’ salary expectations.

There’s a fine balance to navigating the ever-shifting compensation conversation and CEC is here to help navigate those waters.

“When you work with Chris, you can be certain of the following. Well-vetted candidates, honest, unbiased guidance, great industry information, and talented salespeople to hire. As a sales leader, my success has always been based on the quality of my salespeople. When I worked with Chris I was guaranteed that he would put in the work and do the required due diligence to make sure I hired great fits for my team.”

Larry Satterfield


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