FTC “Federal Trade Commission” to ban non-competes


Over time, we have observed individuals investing their entire existence in cultivating expertise within distinct sectors. This dedication has enabled them to cultivate value and secure a comfortable livelihood, thereby supporting their familial units. However, a prevalent challenge confronting many professionals entrenched in protracted tenures within specific industries pertains to the restrictive covenants they have entered into, commonly known as non-compete agreements.

Numerous individuals across various regions of the United States find themselves ensnared by apprehensions of potential litigation or legal injunctions when contemplating a career transition. Consequently, they remain tethered to their current professional stations despite harboring sentiments of discontent and lack of motivation, effectively diminishing their vitality and zest for life.

So, for those who are still worried, here is the latest article on the ruling of non-compete.


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Table of Contents

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