The Long Game!


We have been fortunate to partner with some very cool companies and leaders.
We’ve seen the amazing impact firsthand that talent acquisition professionals can make on their customers.
We’ve also seen the bad sides too!
It takes time to be great; you must see the long game. If you chase money over people and spam LinkedIn with nonsense, you won’t last. You’ll add to the negative view many have of talent acquisition.
If you come in choosing money over people and think slanging resumes and hitting people with LinkedIn messages that make no F-ing sense to what they do professionally, you will not last.
Additionally, you will continue contributing to most people’s negative association with talent acquisition and recruiting.
The Talent Acquisition/Recruiting world is absolutely amazing and extremely rewarding. Like anything it takes:
➡️ Time
➡️ Discipline
➡️ Integrity

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Table of contents

Table of Contents

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