Our process

Step 1

Understanding your business and the story behind its success is a critical piece to both our success!

Step 2

We leverage our network and tell your story to attract the right people to join your team

Step 3

We are your advisors guiding you through the process

Step 4

We are by your side to walk your new hire through the front door

Want to see us in action? Check our clients success stories!

Success Story

“In connecting with Chris, he immediately understood everything…what we needed, who we were looking for, what we were offering and most importantly, how to work with us. He took the time to learn about our interview process and connect with individual hiring managers.

Chris made it a point to work with (not around) our Talent Team. And to top it all off, they have successfully been able to fill several senior level positions for us. Every resume they submit makes sense, and most candidates they connect us with are automatically a fit.

Chris Edwards Consulting has proven to be more efficient than all twelve other recruiting firms combined we have used.”

Jessica Gomez

Program Manager - Talent |Electrosonic Inc.

Just a few more steps to help us get an idea of your situation before connecting

Questions about identifying talent in your industry?

Whether you’re trying to figure out who to hire, when to hire, cleaning up the nasty effects of a mishire, or have a question about how we work, get in touch and let’s dig into the details together.

We want to understand your goals.