Times Are Changing


🗣 How much has recruiting | Talent Acquisition changed? 🤔

Some say a lot, others say not so much.

Things that I am constantly asking myself:

➡️ How am I presenting myself via video, vs. in-person?

➡️ Is the resume🧾 still a need?

➡️ How important is LinkedIn?

In episode 6 of Talent Acquired🎙 , Leah Harrigan (Verouden) and I connect on the world of Talent Acquisition and the changes that have taken place, and how to position yourself in the market when exploring opportunities or staying up to date on the times.

🎧 Full episode in comments 🙏 Have a great day!

Thank you StudioPod Media (TJ Bonaventura & Julian Lewis) SIX50 Productions (Neal Narayan ✔) for putting this together! #linkedin #recruiting #opportunities #resume #talentacquisition #talent

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Table of contents

Table of Contents

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