Looking Beyond The Money


When you’re looking for a new job, salary is always front and center when it comes to making the right choice.

But it’s not the be all and end all.

There are tons of other considerations that can help make your decision. Here’s what you should take into account when looking for a new role, aside from the money.

The Product and Service Offering

The first consideration you should have is about the company’s offering. Is it a product you believe in? Does the service offered sit well with your own attitudes and values?

If the company provides services or products that you don’t believe in or that you’re not interested in, then it’s probably not a great fit (for either party).

However, if you share the passion of the company in its own offering, you’re much more likely to build a successful career if you’re offered the role.


One of the key things you should ask yourself when considering a new role is this: do you actually want to work for your superiors? Good, strong leadership is an important factor for employees, and you should think carefully about how the management will support you in your new role.

You’ll want to feel they have your back, and will provide the necessary training, planning and guidance for you to do your job effectively.

Vision And Growth

Is the company on the up? If there have been profit warnings or the company seems to be struggling, is it really worth taking a new role where your job may not be as secure as you wish?

If the future looks bright, ask yourself whether the company’s vision and future plans sit well with your own career ambitions. Can you see yourself making an impact and a positive contribution towards what the company wants to achieve?

If so, it could well be the right role for you.

Workplace Culture

The culture of a company is a huge factor in determining your career satisfaction and work/life balance.

Remote working, flexible hours, health care insurance, staff trips and events are all added extras that can make a huge difference to workers’ lives – and are often more welcome than a few extra dollars in the bank.

Does the company look after its employees? It’s worth doing some research into the working conditions, environment and perks on offer to ensure you’re taking a role in a company where you enjoy going to work.

Let Us Help You Make The Right Choice

Around 70% of workers are dissatisfied with their career choices. But you don’t have to be one of these people.

If you’re keen to find a new opportunity, there’s plenty to think about. At Chris Edward Consulting, we can support your job search and take care of some of the difficult negotiations to ensure you find yourself a role with a package that suits both parties.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you find your perfect new role.

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