How are you ONBOARDING Talent?


It is one of those areas that can cause more headache and aggravation if not handled properly.

Onboarding is not:

  • Just sending someone a laptop and video to watch are not the answer.
  • Just having meetings to have them is wasted time, and also counter productive.
  • Having a new hire to reach out cold turkey to team members for help.
  • Not setting time aside to get the team together to help improve chemistry.

Things to think about when onboarding:

  • What is it that you want your new hire to accomplish in the onboarding cycle?
  • How are you introducing team members and partners to welcome someone in?
  • What sort of cadences are you putting, or have in place?
  • How are you building chemistry with teammates?

In a collaboration with – 90 Days To Generate ROI With Social Media Marketing & Tony Restell, we connect on some of the tips to help with onboarding.

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Table of contents

Table of Contents

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