2019: A candidate driven market


In recruitment, one thing will never change: every company wants the best talent.

But there’s been one huge shift in the way new talent is acquired. Because now, more than ever, the best talent wants the best company.

Here’s how candidates are taking control of their own careers and driving the market – and how you can ensure your company is front of mind.

The talent picks the company

Of course, finding the top talent can be hard for any business. But the talent is out there, and with 51% of Americans actively seeking a new role, catering to the needs of the candidate is key.

It’s all about delivering a great “candidate experience” that makes people want to work for your business.

Although there are candidates looking for new roles, waiting for them to come to you will no longer work. That’s why you need to ensure you focus on your candidate experience to attract the A players.

The focus is now on candidates

To attract the top talent, phone calls and interviews just won’t cut it any more. Instead, businesses need to be proactive in making a great impression on prospective clients.

It sounds like something out of a cheap romcom, but wining and dining talented candidates can help to create a great impression.

Think of them as your customer; you’re selling your company and its value proposition, so make sure you give an appealing impression. This is your chance to wow (and woo) your candidate.

Over half of millennials consider growth and development opportunities to be extremely important to them when applying for a job, so speak about career progression and the ability to learn.

Just remember to keep the clichés to a minimum.

How to court “A” players (and keep the process moving)

So, you’re in the market for a talented new employee. How can you court them and keep the process moving smoothly?

Here are some ideas…

Scour social media

It’s important to move with the times. In a fast-paced world, professional networks like Linkedin provide a wealth of potential candidates.

Those open to job opportunities can even make themselves known to recruiters and businesses, so you can narrow your search to find the top talent based on the skills and attributes you’d like to see.

Take the time to read their resume

An application comes in; what do you do? Chances are, you give their resume a quick skim and then add it to the “yes”, “no” or “maybe” pile.

But did you know candidates spend up to 4 hours per job application, yet employers spend as little as 15 minutes reading them. Take the time to get to know the candidate through their application to improve your first impressions.

Don’t leave them waiting

If a candidate has made the effort to apply for a role or attend an interview, treat that effort with the same respect. Show up on time to interviews and calls; and don’t leave them hanging afterwards.

According to Glassdoor, it can take over 23 days from interview through to job offer. That’s a long time to any candidate, so drop them a courtesy call to at least let them know they’re being considered. And try not to leave it too long – you don’t want a rival to swoop in and take an outstanding candidate from under your nose.

Sell your company’s perks and benefits

Candidates aren’t always just driven by a paycheck.

Some will be sold on the benefits and perks you can offer; so sell them. Remember, you’re trying to get the candidate to choose you over other suitors, so it’s important to provide a tantalising package.

49% of employees believe perks show their employer is invested in them, so emphasizing your offering is a great way to make them feel wanted.

Get expert help

Running a business is time consuming and, at times, stressful. A specialist recruitment company can help you to streamline the hiring process and find those A players that can make a positive difference.

If you’re looking for your next great employee, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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