The Audio Visual Design Group

AVDG, an Audiovisual | Videoconferencing Integrator, was looking to add multiple headcount to hit growth metrics for 2022 and, longterm, reach half a billion in revenue.


Following the acquisition of AVDG by Guitar Center, a notable exodus of talent occurred, posing cultural challenges for AVDG in both retaining existing team members and attracting new ones amidst the evolving post-acquisition culture. Compounding this issue, AVDG grappled with the presence of leaders who were no longer aligned with the company’s evolving direction. Recognizing this as a key factor contributing to talent departure, the organization faced the imperative to make necessary leadership changes for a more suitable and forward-looking alignment.


Leveraging our extensive experience in the Audio Visual Integration Space, we were already well-acquainted with the challenges AVDG was confronting. Our access to insights from former employees provided us with a strategic advantage, enabling us to offer informed guidance on the necessary steps to attract the right talent. Moreover, we furnished AVDG with a comprehensive compensation guide, shedding light on the costs associated with acquiring high-caliber talent and identifying individuals prepared for the substantial efforts required.

Building on our relationships with some of the industry’s best talent, many of whom were not actively seeking new opportunities, we introduced AVDG to a previously untapped candidate pool of exceptional strength.

In addition, we recommended that AVDG implement a streamlined 4-step interview process. This not only enhanced the company’s professional image but also distinguished it from other organizations in the industry. This deliberate approach allowed AVDG to articulate its new direction, capturing the attention and enthusiasm of passive top-tier candidates.

Key Hires:

  • Engineering Lead US
  • Sales Manager (Mid-West)
  • 6 Project Managers (Muiltiple US Locations)
  • 2 Sales Engineer – (Muiltiple US Locations)
  • 3 Design Engineers (Multiple US Locations)
Success Story
“Chris Edward Consulting Agency is hands down the best staffing firm that I have used over the years. Their professionalism and ability to bring top-notch candidates to me have made the hiring process extremely efficient in finding top talent. I would highly recommend any company that is looking to fill a position in the technology space to contact his company. Chris Edward Consulting’s passion and drive set their company apart from other staffing agencies that I have worked with in the past. He truly cares about your business and finding the right candidate for your company. Whether it is an individual contributor you are looking to hire or C-level, they will find the ideal candidate to fill that role.”

Curtis Heath

VP of Business Solutions at Guitar Center

|The Audio Visual Design Group


Helped Guitar Center increase revenue by 26% and make the TOP 50 Integrator List%.

About The Audio Visual Design Group

The Audio Visual Design Group (AVDG) represents Guitar Center’s ongoing symphony of ‘Customer First’ initiatives in the AV Industry. Through strategic acquisitions, we’ve expanded our ensemble to deliver specialized audio-visual services on a national stage.

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Table of Contents

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