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EOS, an IT VAR with a focus on AV| workspace|Networking|Smart Building | IoT | Data Center technologies, was looking to add a multiple headcount over a short period of time.


During a growth phase, EOS aimed to secure talent for strategic positions, including Sales, Solution Architects, and leadership roles in both sales and operations. This endeavor presented a unique challenge as EOS operated with a lean Talent Acquisition team that had limited experience in recruiting within the B2B space.


Amidst EOS’s rapid growth, talent acquisition became crucial to sustain this expansion. The surging growth had outpaced their existing infrastructure for recruitment and overall strategy. Leveraging our expertise in Unified Communications|Audio Visual and Building Technologies, we collaborated to refine their processes and secure the necessary talent.

Through continuous dialogues with the executive team, EOS identified that their compensation plan lacked the competitiveness needed to attract high-caliber candidates. In response, we shared our compensation guide, catalyzing a comprehensive restructuring of their compensation plan to incentivize the desired sales behavior.

Additionally, our existing relationships with top Sales Reps, Engineers, and Project Managers enabled us to efficiently provide talent, aligning with the pace of EOS’s growth. Our strength in understanding the preferences of candidates open to opportunities and ensuring a good cultural fit significantly enhanced the speed and precision of EOS’s recruitment process.

Key Hires:

  • VP of East Coast Sales– increased revenue by 34% in the first year
  • Global Account Manager – Rookie of the year
Success Story
“Chris Edward Consulting knows their space better than anyone I have ever worked with. Their knowledge and insights on key talents saved us twice from making hires on our own that would have been inevitably bad investments and a huge loss of money. Because our sellers were outpacing the operations side of the house, we were in quick need of Engineering talent, and within a few weeks, Chris Edwards had qualified Engineers lined up. It is quite remarkable how well they match talent to the organization’s identity and our long-term goals. It has been an absolute pleasure, and look forward to continuing the partnership.”

Brian Hayes

VP of Sales Engineering

|EOS IT Solutions


Helped EOS increase revenue by 43% in 17 months.

About EOS IT Solutions

With 18 sites worldwide + 8 upcoming entities available this year, EOS has the capabilities and competencies to meet our client’s IT requirements + expectations on a global scale. To date, we have deployed 150k+ VC-UC solutions throughout Asia, Europe & North/South America. With over 600+ qualified field-based engineers on multiple architectures across multiple locations, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service + technical expertise.


Table of contents

Table of Contents

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