Brought in by Crestron Electronics, a Video Conferencing manufacturer north of $1B in revenue that was looking to create a new division in the company. The new division, Unified Communications (UC), would allow Crestron to provide a unique experience for end-users looking to stack different products into a conference room that improves the overall collaboration experience with the use of their Flex-io product. The Go To Market Strategy on this was to target end users.


New division in company, which required a different set of professionals. Through a few meetings, it was clear Crestron needed our market insights and rolodex in the UC space.

The company was looking to fill 10 reqs which consisted of: Enterprise Sales | Global Acct. Mgr. | MSFT Alliance Mgr. | UC Solution Architects.

Additionally the window was short as they were launching the product officially beginning 2019. This search was being kicked off at the end of 2018 and wanted to get the first 3 hires onboard to start pushing their new solution day one of 2019.


We set a few meetings to collaborate with all key executives involved in this UC build out to get a better understanding of the vision, along with both short and long term goals on this project. Being that the UC space was an area Crestron did not have a lot of experience in, we advised them on the following areas:

  • Types of candidates they should be looking for and where to to pull them from utilizing our network in the UC space to save time.
  • What the compensation plan should look like to attract the talent they needed
  • What the 1st year quota should be set at. We did not want a quota that was unrealistic, being that this was a new build out, and could scare the top professionals away
Success Story
“Chris has played a critical role in helping me to build one of the best sales, technical and consulting teams around. Chris listens closely to my needs and consistently brings me the best talent out there to fill the position. More importantly, his team truly cares about placing the right candidates, and ensuring their tenure in the role.”

Andrew Goss

VP of Enterprise Sales



8 of 10 reqs were filled by our agency, and the 2 others were employee referrals. At the end of 2020 UC division is up 247%

About Crestron

Crestron is the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems for the office, campus, and home, reinventing the way people live and work.

Table of contents

Table of Contents

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