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Cal Coast Telecom is an AV|UC|Structured Cabling|Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)|Physical Security systems provider. The company was experiencing growth and looking to add multiple hires: Programmer, Field Engineer, Project Manager, and Pre/Post Engineer.


Cal Coast was starting to gain momentum in the AV division. Being a smaller company they had no idea where to pull talent from or how to tell its story to gainfully employed talent. Not having much of an interviewing strategy, made it tough to also identify talent that fit their team culture. Not having the talent resulted in opportunity cost, as Cal Coast could not take on new customers, or go after new business.


Teaming up with Cal Coast’s owners and advising them on how to tell their story to the type of hires they wanted to attract was a critical piece to the puzzle. The reason why is Cal Coast was not a company that had the Fortune 50 company name and resources. They had to change their approach! So we structured their interviewing process which was a combination of phone, video, and in-person interviews, that allowed more team members to be a part of the process, giving candidates a good view of the fun/hard-working team environment they potentially would be joining.

It also gave Cal Coast different views of the candidates to significantly mitigate bad hires. The last piece to this puzzle was providing data around compensation for their geographic location.

Success Story
“Chris Edward Consulting has been an invaluable partner to Cal Coast’s success and look forward to our continued partnership. “

Rick Radonich


|Cal Coast


Since partnering with Cal Coast 4 years ago, we have successfully hired 17 people at 100% successful placements, 2 promotions, and a 100% retention rate. These placements resulted in 3 years of YoY growth quadrupling their AV Division from $2.5M to $20M+ in revenue and made SCN’s Top 50 Integrators list.

About Cal Coast

Cal Coast Telecom is a premier provider of telecom, wireless, AV, security, and DAS infrastructure, and we have one of the best service fleets in the market.

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Table of Contents

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