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Welcome to Talent Acquired, a Chris Edward Consulting podcast hosted by Chris Nakiso, where we bring you the stories, strategies, and viewpoints of candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters. 

Since 2020, businesses were forced to migrate to fully remote ways of operating, selling, and connecting with collaborators and customers, so it is crucial for modern day sales leaders to embrace this new model of doing business. In this episode of Talent Acquired, Chris chats with Scott Peterson, Chief Revenue Officer at Mitel, to talk about leadership and the roles of emotional intelligence, effective communication, and empathy for others when it comes down to getting things done. Tune in to learn more about the skills you need to push your team and your brand to the next level.

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00:10The evolution of leadership: What does the modern-day sales leader truly need? - “Both the soft skills and hard skills are important. It is an art and a science to doing this well.”
06:26The skills that make the difference when building a team - “The soft skill that I seek in leaders is the ability to have an emotionally intelligent conversation, with their people, their customers, their partners.”
10:12Reading situations through a screen - “As leaders, our challenge and our opportunity are to really be in tune with what's going on, and what that person is bringing to that session that day.” 
12:10The building of relationships in the digital world - “Way in and day out, we're not going to be able to go out and just play golf. We'll need to have different conversations about what's happening in your business and how I can solve them and build trust in different ways than we did before.”


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