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Welcome to Talent Acquired, a Chris Edward Consulting podcast hosted by Chris Nakiso, where we bring you the stories, strategies and the viewpoints of candidates, hiring managers and recruiters. 

It’s a fact, video conferencing went from being a high-value asset to an everyday tool available to everyone via companies like Zoom. The market for video solution integrators has definitely shifted and it’s time for them to change the game to stay relevant in today’s landscape. In this episode of Talent Acquired, Chris sits with Olly Hender, Vice President of UC and Cloud at Kinly, to talk about the future for video integrators and their secret of recruiting the best tech-savvy talent. Olly gives golden advice on what to look for when building a new team and how to redirect your traditional business into a service-oriented company. 

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00:00Olly’s work at Kinly - “We're a global integrator originally but now thanks to people like myself and a few more progressive thinkers in the organization. We're really trying to push to be a collaboration fronted solution.”
01:51The video conferencing market - “There was a seismic shift from classic video conferencing, which was the luxury of a few major corporates. It cost millions of dollars to put infrastructure in, to have it operating at a really good level where it was always on, always in high quality and had that robustness to it.”
03:49The shift to easier solutions - “There were millions of dollars in maintenance every year for large environments. Then all of a sudden clients started to change to Teams and Zoom where let's be honest, the slice of the pie wasn't so big. It's become a commodity-driven market.”
05:58Finding the right tech-savvy talent - “Our younger techs, the kids that have grown up with PCs all over the house, pulling in and pulling out USB devices, knowing where things are going, those guys are taking to it like ducks to water.”
10:35Olly’s recommendation for building your team - “Agility is number one for me, you've got to be agile in your approach, you've got to be agile in who you're looking at, and you've also got to be looking for agility in the people.”


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