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Luis Berlanga | Hiring for Talent, or Industry Experience?


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Welcome to Talent Acquired, a Chris Edward Consulting podcast hosted by Chris Nakiso, where we bring you the stories, strategies and the viewpoints of candidates, hiring managers and recruiters.

Is today’s situation the perfect opportunity for hiring managers to get exceptional talent? Should your corporation be looking at profiles from outside the industry to cover key positions?

In today’s episode, Chris talks to Luis Berlanga, Senior Sales Manager for Smart Collaboration North America at Lenovo about recruiting during COVID19 and the opportunities that remote work can offer. Plus, he tells us why the future for IT is definitely the cloud and what we should be looking forward to regarding collaboration spaces. Join this conversation now and learn firsthand how big companies like Lenovo find the best talent for their teams!

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05:22Recruiting on times of COVID19: How do successful companies get the best talent - “ I want people that are looking to create momentum and really move from one stage of growth into another explosive growth. And I think that's the opportunity at hand with what we are doing now.”
07:09Should you get talent from outside the industry? - “The challenge that most hiring managers have is that the people that you want usually aren't looking for jobs. They're not looking for work, they're not out there.”
12:16How to get out of an old hiring mentality - “If you're trying to talk about the old days to customers that are buying now and that are buying differently, those are the things you really have to care and feed for.”
14:54What is the future of collaboration spaces? - “The number one priority for IT buyers today is to get their applications into the cloud and their number two priority is to get video turned on everywhere.”
15:49The magic of today's accessible technology - “If you look at all of 2020, and up to the pandemic, everybody got shut down and sent home and had to continue working in different ways. You couldn't have done that in the past.”


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