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Welcome to Talent Acquired, a Chris Edward Consulting podcast hosted by Chris Nakiso, where we bring you the stories, strategies and the viewpoints of candidates, hiring managers and recruiters. 

The world of talent acquisition has changed dramatically in the last decade. It feels like not so long ago when we printed curriculums and took them to an office dressed in a suit and tie. Now, recruiting has merged with technology, and the way of applying, and interviewing for a position is very different. In this episode of Talent Acquired, Chris talks to his long-time friend and colleague, Leah Harrigan Verouden, Founder of Career Copilots and Talent Acquisition Partner at WestJet. Leah has a long career working on talent acquisition and has helped some of the world’s biggest companies like Google find and hire the best professionals out there. In this conversation, Leah shares her expertise and tells you how to work LinkedIn to your favor, tips for a successful online interview and shares exactly what to do if you don’t hear back from your dream job. Tune in and learn the best practices and how to avoid common mistakes from a recruiting professional!

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00:10Leah’s background on talent acquisition for the world’s biggest companies - “When Google calls, you answer. Essentially I packed up my belongings and skipped countries to head over to the States and help with their hiring.”
02:51Career coaching with Leah’s consulting company Career Copilot - “I've got about 12 years of in-house recruitment and agency recruitment, so I've converted that into a business that allows me to give behind the scenes knowledge.”
05:33How hiring has dramatically changed over the last years - “The item that I noticed that has changed the most is that always-on job searcher. Having something like a LinkedIn, you can be found at any hour of the day!”
09:02The importance of LinkedIn in today’s recruiting processes - “Legitimately massive companies are still proactively recruiting people that they want to come join them. LinkedIn remains such a hot tool.”
12:41Tips and tricks on how to have a perfect LinkedIn profile - “What are your values? What's important to you? It's an opportunity to highlight the things that maybe don't show up in a job description.”
14:02Common mistakes: The new norms for professionals - “I think people are getting too casual. If you're interviewing and you're on a video interview, that's still an interview.”
21:09Why am I not hearing back after my job application? - “Depending on the scale of the company and the vast number of resumes they might be getting, there might not actually be a person on the other end reviewing each and every resume so that sometimes is also why people don't hear back.”
26:48Where is the recruiting world going in the next 10 years? - “I think the way we use LinkedIn, the way we use social media, the way we use things like video are going to replace a lot of those traditional job searches and how you attract candidates.”


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