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Boris Seibert | Importance of Process When Acquiring Talent


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Welcome to Talent Acquired, a Chris Edward Consulting podcast hosted by Chris Nakiso, where we bring you the stories, strategies and the viewpoints of candidates, hiring managers and recruiters. 

Let’s face it, the hiring process of any company takes a lot of resources, energy and time, so when it comes the time to get new talent on board, it is crucial for managers to be prepared and plan the entire process. In our first episode, Chris sits down with Boris Seibert, Head of Business-to-Business and Go-to-Market, Global Creativity and Productivity at Logitech, to chat about the importance of process throughout the interviewing cycle when acquiring talent. Listen now to learn Boris’ tips and tricks, so that you too can spot the diamond on the rough and choose the best fit for your team.

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00:10How important is the process for the interview cycle? - “When I joined Logitech, I interviewed with 13 people over the course of eight weeks. It was long, painful and crazy.”
06:18The tricks of the trade and why every moment counts as an interview - “Until you see, feel, and touch what they're doing every day, you don't really know what you're signing up for.”
10:23Common mistakes companies may make during recruiting - “When you get to the final three candidates or the final five candidates, the assumption that one of those people are going to get the job is a horrible assumption to start with.”
12:29Tips to improve the hiring process and spot the best candidate - “A resume and qualifications aren't everything. They're a good starting point, but it's really the interview process that really finds the right candidate.”


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